Fighting Shrimp Roll


Shrimp tempura and crab meat crowned with cooked shrimp

Lobster Roll (12 pieces)


Deep fried lobster, crab meat, avocado, asparagus with special sauce and tobiko

Lion King Roll (12 pieces)


Crab meat, avocado, prawn tempura, asparagus in soybean paper, topped with chop scallop and masago

Salmon Cream Cheese Roll


Cream cheese, asparagus and avocado topped with fresh salmon

Tropic Roll


Inside spicy tuna and avocado, bbq tuna completed with a savory sauce

Flower Roll


Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, topped sockeye and salad with a special sauce

Seattle Roll


Spicy tuna roll topped with masago

Mango LIght Roll


Fresh mango, salmon, crab meat, avocado rolled in cucumber

Strawberry Hill Roll


Avocado, salmon and cream cheese topped with fresh strawberry

Cool Cucumber Roll

Not available

Asparagus, salmon, crab meat, avocado, yamagobo rolled in cucumber

Vegan Roll


Variety of japanese vegetables rolled in soybeen paper

Lava Roll


Crab meat and red bell pepper and topped with special spicy tuna

Spicy Love Roll


Prawn tempura, avocado, crab meat and spicy braised tuna on top

Caterpillar Roll


Freshwater eel and avocado drizzled with a sweet sauce

Spicy Salsa Roll


California roll with tuna & fresh tomatoes served with spicy salsa sauce

Rainbow Roll


Assorted fish colourfull laid on a california roll

Victoria Roll


Yam tempura with avocado & sesame seed drizzled with sweet sauce

Cherry Blossom Roll

Not available

Asparagus, yamagobo, crab topped salmon & avocado with masago

Ocean Scallop Roll


Prawn tempura, red pepper, asparagus topped with baked scallop & cream cheese and spicy sauce on top


Cube Negitoro Roll


Fresh tuna belly with chopped spring onions served on top of rice with sauce

Crab Heaven

Crab Heaven Roll


A puff of fresh dungeness crab mixed with masago & mayonnaise on rice

Mango Hill Roll


Avocado, salmon and cream cheese topped with fresh mango

Ninja Sushi

Ninja Sushi Roll


Layers of avocado, prawn and fish roe, served on rice

Grandview Roll


Shrimp tempura in cali roll & freshwater eel, sockeye with special sauce & masago, green onion